Monday, February 23, 2015

Our Valentine's Day- Homeschool Party and more!

Now that my little boys are older they are starting to really get into holidays.  This year I decided to host a Valentine party for them.  We invited a few friends from the boy's preschool/kindergarten class at our homeschool coop and met at an indoor play gym.  Before we left for the party the boys made some super cute, owl valentine bags. These came in the February Art Pack from Funshine Express.

Adding the finishing touches!

J Bug and Little E with their finished bags.

All the children's valentine bags for the exchange.

The party table
Lots of yummy things to eat!

It wouldn't be Valentine's Day without some heart shaped cookies.

And of course, conversation hearts!

The ball bath is always a hit.

So fun!

Baby E's shirt says, "Chicks (heart) Super Heroes"

Time to munch!

I love the looks on the girl's faces.  Precious!

Also in the Art Pack this month was an adorable heart shaped glasses project. 

Um, yeah...I think Baby N got a little crazy with the scissors! Haha.

Are you feeling the LOVE????

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

In the Art Pack- Faux Snow Cones and Traffic Signs

Finishing up January's Art Pack from Funshine Express, this week my boys made faux snow cones and stop signs. For the snow cones they made colorful water color paintings onto coffee filters.  

Yes, there was lots of color mixing!  

We then rolled up a paper towel, wrapped it with the painted filter and then stapled the "snow" onto the cone cup.  The end result was pretty darn cute and my little guys had fun pretending to eat them.

If only they were real! ;)

For the stop signs, I marked cut lines with chalk on the corners of a red square.  The boys cut along the lines to make a quick and easy octagon. We discussed what shape they just created and why stop signs are important.  Good little lesson!

Busy, Busy!

J Bug wanted to show off the back of his sign.

And Little E went crazy with the stickers!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This weeks Art Pack projects- Teddy Bear Wagon and Lacing Skates

As you know my children have been enjoying the Monthly Art Pack from Funshine Express.  Each month we receive a box of 8 different art projects and the best part it is delivered right to our door! Geared towards the 3-6 age range, these projects are simple to complete for little hands.  We try and fit them in whenever the boys are whining that their bored.  They have been a blessing!

 Teddy Bear Wagon

This week the boys made Teddy Bear Wagons and Lacing Ice Skates. 
 The boys enjoyed decorating the wagons and then I helped put them together with my stapler.

 Afterward they had a fun little toy to play with. So cute!

 Here is a closer look.

 J Bug with his teddy bear wagon.

 Lacing Skate

The fine motor opportunities in this project were abundant! The boys had to color, cut, paste, punch holes (with a whole puncher), and then lace up their skates with a piece of string.

 Baby N is 2 1/2 now and he loves to cut!  He loves to cut a little to much in my opinion and most of the times ruins all his projects.  Thankfully, I was able to get the scissors away from him before he cut up his skate.

Pasting on his "metal"

All Done!
(sorry about the silly face.  This boy does not generally like to be photographed)


 Proud of his work

 I love the faces my boys make when they are focused on a project.  Kissy lips are a regular with little E.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mittens and Snow...more winter fun!

This past week the boys had fun learning about winter in school.  We talked about the different seasons and the fun things you can enjoy during each one.  We read the book "The Mitten" and followed it up with this fun craft from January's Art Pack.

The Art Pack comes with 8 crafts for 4 kids each month. Here are the supplies for the Marvelous Mittens .  Everything you need, including detailed instructions!

The boys traced their hands around their fingers to create their mittens.

 Cutting and gluing, always a great fine motor activity for little ones.

 My busy boys!

 Baby N's Mittens. (he had help from mom)


Adding the finishing touches

  All Done!

 The finished mittens displayed on our schoolroom wall.

 Do you want to be build a snowman? (sorry, couldn't help it!)

 Next we made some super fun snowman puppets.

I love how each snowman is so unique!  

Although my boys have been wishing for snow to build a real snowman, these were a good substitute. They had a lot of fun and played with them all day.  I hot glued everything together so they would not fall apart. 

Happy Winter!
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